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Amar Priya Bima –with profit

Features of the plan
01 Type of Plan It is an endowment policy.
02 Term of the plan 10 years.
03 Age of the assured at commencement of policy Minimum - 18 years and Maximum - 50 years
04 Amount of yearly installment premium Minimum 3600 ৳ (Three thousand six hundred), maximum 30,000 ৳ (thirty thousand).
05 Mode of payment Yearly
06 Age at maturity Maximum 60 Years.
07 Sum Assured 10 times of yearly premium.
08 Target group This product is devised specially for people of relatively small income groups.
Benefit of Plan
01 At maturity Assured will get the amount deposited in his mudaraba fund along with accrued bonus and maximum 90% of surplus of tabarru fund (If any)
02 At death within policy period:
a) In case of normal death The nominee(s) will get 10(ten) times of yearly Premiums. As per example if yearly premium is 10,000(Ten thousand), the death benefit will be Taka 1,00,000
b) In case of accidental death Nominee(s) will get 20 times of yearly premium. As per example, if yearly premium is Taka 10,000 (ten thousand), nominee(s) will get Taka 2,00,000
c) If policyholder becomes permanently disabled or losses more than one limbs organ :(i.e. two eyes, two hands, two legs, two ear or any two organs in combination of two separate organs) Assured will get 10 (ten) times of yearly premium. As per example: If yearly premiums is Taka 10,000 (ten thousand) the compensation would be Taka 1,00,000
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