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Gift Assurance plan (Upahar Bima)-with profit

Features of the plan
01 Type of Plan This plan is developed in combination of endowment and accidental policy. In this plan title of the policy goes to the hand of son/daughter of the assured at the end of the term of policy.
02 Term of policy 12 to 24 years
03 Age of the assured at commencement of policy Minimum 20 and Maximum 48 years.
04 Age of the assured at maturity 60 Years
05 Age of the son/daughter at commencement of policy Minimum 1 year & Maximum 18 years.
06 Age of the son/daughter at maturity Minimum 18 and maximum 30 years
07 Mode of payment Quarterly /Half yearly/Yearly
08 Calculation of premium for installment Level premium.
09 Prospective policyholder Service holder, business man, professional, who are keen to save for his son/daughter’s higher education, marriage for a long term .
10 Policyholder can take one policy in the name of more than one son/daughter.
Benefit of Plan
01 At maturity The son/daughter will get the money deposited in mudaraba fund along with accrued bonus.
02 In case of assureds death during policy term provided that the policy is in force. i) No further future premium will have to be paid. ii) At the completion of policy term, the nominee will get full sum assured and accrued bonus from the mudaraba fund (If any). iii) If policyholder dies due to accident within the policy period and the policy remains in force: - The nominee (s) will get the amount equivalent to three times of sum assured.
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